Regarding Black Lives Matter

Firstly, I grew up in trailers, and lived in the shadiest neighborhoods of impoverished cities all over our most populous state. I didn’t have a silver spoon, and nobody was sending me to Harvard or Stanford. Very few of the people I’ve known in this life come from ANY kind of privilege, and I didn’t really notice a racial divide among my peers and their social strata. I know rich Mexicans, White People, Native Americans, Asians, and countless other ethnic group members. And I know far more poor people of every race.

I see this as a corporate media distraction, and an ill-informed movement with philosophical underpinnings that are so weak it is doomed to failure. What’s killing people (especially here in Hawaii) is high fructose corn syrup. And while taxes are far too high and I applaud the defunding of all government agencies (including police), I don’t see a drunken and exuberant and ignorant youth population waving meaningless signs and virtue signalling for criminals from other states as any means towards meaningful progress. Just my thoughts. Most of these kids don’t know who Bill Gates is, what his agenda is, or how this lockdown is a genocide on the entire population.

They don’t even know who the real enemy is.

Police brutality is a problem. Especially for Police families, wherein more violence is committed than at work in most cases. But unless they are talking about ending the funding, police will continue to prey on society and overburden the population with immoral fees and fines, which are probably more lethal overall than the relatively isolated incidences of violence.

And did you know there IS a group that is murdered by police far more than any other? And it’s not black people. Or any other race. It’s retards, or as our PC culture demands we call them, “The mentally handicapped” which is an encumbered and unproductive way to address them that causes more harm than good.

As do most ill-informed and ignorant do-gooder schemes. Including BLM.

There’s a continent of plastic floating in the ocean. Radiation from Fukushima still poisoning the entire food chain, from krill to humans. Our entire society is run by pedophiles and criminals, as proven by the Jeffrey Epstein “suicide”. The Federal Reserve is robbing all of us 90% of our earning power over the course of our lives. All life on the planet is being choked to death by giant corporations. And nobody’s protesting that because corporate media keeps them ignorant. Corporate Pharmaceuticals and social media addiction have created an entire generation of transgender retards. All of our “food” is carcinogenic GMOs, pesticides, and chemical sludge. Our earnings are robbed from us, and used to build missiles that murder children in the 3rd world. Most of whom aren’t white, but probably a very small minority of whom would easily categorize as black either. Our elections are rigged by Mossad (AIPAC), the corrupt corporate parties, and corporate digital “voting” machines. Television, radio, movies, video games and pop culture are creating a generation with no roots, no knowledge, and an unhealthy and unrealistic idealism based on virtue signaling and inclusivity and total acceptance of all forms of mental, physical, and spiritual illness. Our president had his head blown off in 1963, and none of the guilty parties paid any penalty. For almost 60 years every president, senator, congressman, and corporate media talking head has been involved in the cover-up. People have meaningless sex with countless strangers on apps that promote narcissism, loneliness, and toxicity. Our inalienable rights are being increasingly violated, abolished, and propagandized against. So yeah, I’m not sure some random junkie being choked out by a cop with a history of previous human rights violations really rates high on the list of things I would like our society to address.

And so, do I think Black Lives Matter? Of course I do. I value my many great black friends, both men and women. As I do my Mexican friends, white friends, Asian friends, etc.. And for that reason, I beg you to stop buying the corporate narrative and look at what is ACTUALLY killing people. Because while it is occasionally a shitty cop, it is far more often a corporate product that you PAID for.

And extreme ranch doritos are in fact color blind.


Covid-19 Statistics for Hawaii

Here I give a brief overview on video:

Me Glossing over the Paper and showing the Graphs.

These are the official facts here in Hawaii. This data was gathered straight from the Democratic Governor Ige’s official press releases.


There have been 17 deaths ASSOCIATED with Covid-19. 15 of them were over 65 with severe underlying health issues. In other words: They were senior citizens who were already dying. The other 2? We were not provided data for. It is likely that at least one, if not both of them were ALSO already dying of some more serious disease (heart disease, diabetes, stroke, Alzheimer’s, pneumonia…. the official reports only list “serious underlying health issues”). It is not likely that the 2 fatalities we were not provided data for were young or healthy.

Currently Hawaii is experiencing 34% unemployment. Up from a normal 2.7%.

Unemployment is associated with a significant all-cause mortality risk relative to employment for men (hazard ratio 1.85 95% CI 1.33-2.55). This effect was robust to controlling for prior health and socio-demographic characteristics. Effects for women were smaller and statistically insignificant (HR 1.51 95% CI 0.68-3.37).


A hazard ratio of 1 means there is no increase in the likelihood of death. The hazard ratio of 2 means death is TWICE as likely. 1.85 for unemployed men, and 1.51 for unemployed women. This is WAY more lethal than Covid-19 by ANY MEASURE. Many, many people in Hawaii are going to die because of unemployment. Probably orders of magnitude more than even COULD die of Covid-19. Approximately 11,000 people die per year in Hawaii. With an unemployment rate of 34%, this number should grow to 13,341.

An increase of 1,315 dead men. And 730 dead women.


This includes adjusting for the normal Hawaii unemployment rate of 2.7%. At 2.7% we can assume approximately 300 deaths total annually increased from Unemployment. At 34% we can expect 2,341 deaths total due to unemployment.

An increase of 2,045 deaths. 17 “died” of Covid-19.

We also released hundreds of serious criminals, including many that had been convicted of violent crime. This was done in order to prevent a Covid-19 outbreak in the prisons.

One released criminal has already stabbed and murdered someone.

Domestic violence is WAY up across the state, and there have been deaths associated with that as well, including recently a young mother and her infant.

And this is while the stimulus checks are being handed out, and before the inevitable hyperinflation sets in. This is while landlords are not allowed to evict tenants.

You can well imagine that all of these stats are going to be HORRIFIC soon as the stimulus money runs out, a loaf of bread doubles in price, and people start getting evicted.

How many more will die of alcoholism, opiates, violence, poverty, starvation, homelessness, and all the psychological issues we are making inevitable?

Deaths by Cause 2020
Why does ANYONE still trust the CDC, the WHO, Fauci, and Bill Gates who are all clearly pathological liars?

Their data was a lie. Period. This is irrefutable.

Bear in mind the Covid-19 numbers are clearly being inflated as we continue to watch nearly every other type of morbidity drop precipitously, likely because hospitals/staff are HUGELY incentivized to label things Covid that are probably pneumonia, heart disease, diabetes, and all of the other usual suspects.

Healthy Deaths

For this we’re likely going to kill thousands of people with poverty and starvation, and also completely eliminate our inalienable rights, in particular the right to peaceably assemble, or the less codified right: The right to not wear ineffective garbage on your own face.

I beg all of you to carefully consider the reality of where we are, and the long-term effects this tyrannical power grab by giant corporations and corrupt government agencies is going to have on all of us, our children, and our grandchildren.

Not to mention our mental health, and our ability to form healthy positive relationships with others moving forward.

We’re going to potentially kill 2,045 people in Hawaii because 17 people who were already dying also tested positive for a virus.

Let’s not even address the $3.7 million NAIAD paid under Fauci to the VERY SAME LAB in China where this virus originated. Let’s just leave that fact out altogether.

Jackleen Grace Garcia Nee Thornton Nee Gehrisch (Public Record) AKA JackieGG

jacqueline jackie jackleen gehrisch jackiegg jackleenkeys piano girls keys justin garcia brielle everett grace wolfgang thornton

For the past 3 years I have been battling to protect my two innocent children Everett and Grace from the continued extreme narcissistic abuse of their mother.  I have fought in court rooms all over the western hemisphere, and probably spent close to half a million dollars.  To date I have lost every court hearing, despite any criminal record of any kind.

I have offered a final negotiation to her legal representation now that they have 2 hours to offer written 50/50 custody or I will make this document public record, and link it to search engines, etc..

3 years of extreme child abuse is quite enough.  It is now 3:45pm January 21, 2020 Hawaii time.  Document Posted in it’s entirety:


Being a Dad is the best thing that ever happened to me, and I take this responsibility very seriously. It’s truly heart-breaking to watch your own children being tortured (Parental Alienation is one of the most damaging forms of torture according to psychologists. (Exhibit 7)), and to be powerless to stop it or to even offer them comfort in the face of that on-going brutality.

The kids need a relationship with their Dad. The psychological necessity of that is well-documented. This has been made completely impossible by the defendant. That’s all I’ve been fighting for for over 3 years now. I’m here for the best interest of the children, and my own well-being as their father. Their distress weighs on me heavily.

Exhibit 3 (email from Father to Mother) shows that I was willing to negotiate in any and every way with Ms Nee Gehrisch in the best interest of the children. Instead, she immediately slapped me with a restraining order before we could even mediate, a strategy her older sister Rhonda Nee Gehrisch has also employed against her ex-husband (more on that later).

This is a pattern of criminal child abuse (and abuse of their fathers) perpetrated by highly intelligent and devious narcissists with little regard for the well-being of their own children, and only a strong desire to inflict revenge and harm on their ex-husbands while maximizing alienation and separation anxiety. Ethics, morals, or scruples are not important: They will do anything they can to “win”: One of the hallmarks of narcissism.

At the hearing last Friday Mrs Garcia claims I “bullied” her into not vaccinating our children, and that she was afraid. This is fundamentally false. We had good friends who had a vaccine-damaged child, and she was well aware of the dangers of vaccination, and made that decision herself, including signing a waiver at the hospital in Coos Bay without my knowledge while I was at work. This is all easily provable.

Mrs Garcia has not just thrown her relationship away with my entire family. She has also thrown away most of our past friends and business contacts. I believe she is unable to maintain human relationships possibly because she was repeatedly moved from state to state as a child as her father was also in the military. This inability to maintain long term relationships is also clearly demonstrated by her mother and older sisters. Mrs Nee Gehrisch often lamented her mother’s inability to maintain friendships while we were married.

I am still friends with nearly all of our old business contacts, friends, and other associates. They have expressed surprise and sorrow both at her behavior towards myself and the children, as well as her willingness to disavow her previous friendships with them.

Mrs Garcia attempted to show at the hearing that my music or lyrics were somehow a violation of the restraining order or indicative of malice on my part. I have 6 published albums, and have written over 80 songs. Less than 10% deal with topics such as divorce and parental alienation. She merely picked the most offensive song(s) I have in my catalog, and tried to use that to paint me as vindictive. Further, one of the songs she posted lyrics for “DownGrade Baby” is about the prostitutes I saw working on Kalakaua in Waikiki when I was working at Chapel Hats and the rampant promiscuity of modern society in general. They were not about her. But therein is a fundamental flaw in the perception of a person with the extreme personality disorder(s) Ms Garcia seems to display: Everything is about her. All perception of reality, including relationships with other people, is colored by that disorder.

Here are lyrics to one of my songs about parental alienation and the torture that kids and parents are put through routinely by miscreants who would so abuse their own children:

What’s left of our old home is awful dirty,

and everything inside is always hurting

The truck will pull right up, I’ll be forced to give them up

Then they’ll drive away, I’ll be awfully lonely

It’s Christmas time: I hardly recognize ‘em

All the clothes I bought are the wrong sizes

There’s a new one on the way, so I guess he’s here to stay

Nothing left of us but some old pictures.


Don’t take the kids, I’ve been a good Dad

You don’t love me, but I’m not all bad

I know it’s easier down here, with your friends and family near

You’ve got your new boy, Don’t take my kids.

He’s a young man now, and hates me cause I wasn’t there.

But we were once so close, when I had hair.

I fed them every day, and taught them games to play.

But now there’s someone else who’s always there.

Chorus x2

I was our children’s primary caregiver for more than a year and I’ve only been focused on the well-being and best interests of the children, since even before Everett was born. Now I’m currently under a “Domestic Violence Restraining Order”, yet there’s never been an allegation of violence or criminal behavior on my part. By anyone.

And there has been actual violence in this case. I was desperate to see the kids after being their primary caregiver for an entire year, after which she had kept them from me for SIX MONTHS. So I went to Everett’s school in Vista during the after school pick up. There I saw both Everett and Grace for approximately 30 seconds for the first time in 6 months. I told them I loved them and missed them, calmly closed the car door by Grace’s car seat and began walking in front of the car towards the sidewalk. Mrs Garcia violently lurched our SUV forward as if to run me over. She did this with the children in the car. I saw their small terrified faces looking at me from their car seats through the windshield. Looking at their Dad, that they had gardened with every day for most of their lives, and hadn’t seen in 6 months. Everett, age 5. Grace, age 3.

Mrs Garcia claimed in court, “He jumped in front of my car.”

Here’s a brief run-down of the facts in this case:

  • I was the primary bread winner for our family for most of the time we were married.
  • I have had many jobs, and have never been fired.
  • I have no criminal record.
  • I do not use drugs or alcohol, other than the occasional beer after work with colleagues.
  • I have never exposed the children to a variety of paramours while still married.
  • I have never spoken ill of the children’s mother to them other than pointing out their mother has made it impossible for me to be in their lives. This is an important fact they need to know, since they are living in the “care” of a bipolar narcissist with a history of drug and alcohol abuse, and the inability to avoid massive interpersonal wreckage in nearly all of her relationships. I’ve been unable to protect them, so they need to know they have to protect themselves, as their current “caregivers” are actually doing them the maximum amount of psychological harm possible (Exhibit 7).
  • Ms Nee Gehrisch has a history of mental health issues including drug and alcohol abuse, and two DUIs.
  • I pleaded with Mrs Nee Gehrisch to quit drinking throughout our relationship (and even abstained completely myself to lead by example. For 7 years), even before she miscarried our first child after a night of heavy drinking in early 2010 at a Green Jacket concert at a resort outside of Carlsbad, Ca.
  • Ms Nee Gehrisch has been unable to hold a steady job since I first met her, and frequently had altercations and drama with coworkers that ultimately led to her expulsion from several roles. This was true at “Stonies” the marijuana dispensary she was working at, to the point where former coworkers provided me with evidence against her at the first divorce hearing. This was also true at Enjoy (a hair product company) wherein she went from being bosom-buddies to mortal enemies with several different coworkers. It was also true in the different music projects we worked in over the years, not only with our band-mates, but also with lucrative contracts at several music venues, and also with recording partners and producers. We played several successful shows after which somehow Mrs Garcia would inevitably devolve into a screaming match with a bartender, a club manager, or some other coworker. To the point where several places would no longer hire us, and several musicians would no longer work with us. This was even a problem for our Duo act in which we played several weddings, before I was forced to give the venture up when she had altercations with wedding planners and brides or the groom’s parents.
  • Ms Nee Gehrisch has a criminal record, and during her arrest she was very aggressive with the arresting officer calling him a “pencil dick” (this is in a California police report) further illustrating the disrespect she has for men in general. I worry for my son in particular for that reason.
  • I watched Ms Nee Gehrisch do hard drugs, drink to the point that she could not walk, and I know that before we met she had a history of cocaine and other drug abuse.
  • Ms Nee Gehrisch had the children accompany her on dates with numerous men, in a 3 month period in 2017. The psychologist’s recommendation is to not even introduce new paramours for at least six months.
  • My children have told me: “Dad rhymes with Bad” “Dad is crazy” “Dad is the worst person in the world” “Dad’s mind is broken” “Dad doesn’t care about us, he only cares about money” – Things the kids learned from either Mrs or Mr Garcia or someone in Mrs Garcia’s new or extended family.

That last one is particularly ironic given the facts surrounding this entire fiasco:

Mrs Nee Gehrisch received:

  1. All of the gold and silver we had saved
  2. The violin (which Mrs Garcia does not play professionally or otherwise)
  3. The stocks and bonds
  4. Our family car: A Lexus hybrid

During our initial separation I drove down repeatedly to California from Oregon in attempts to reconcile, and to mitigate the psychological harm being done to our children. This is a 13 hour drive one way. I did this while working 60+ hour work weeks trying to save our home on the farm. Later in 2017, when I had full custody, Mrs Nee Gehrisch did not make that drive to visit the children once. And in fact, did not bring the kids with her to the Divorce trial as ordered by the judge in Oregon, which began the 6 months of zero contact I had with both of them, in clear violation of a court order and both the children and I’s basic human rights.

The children and I have lost:

  1. A farm (our home)
  2. Most of my retirement
  3. All of our bitcoin (currently valued at over $80,000)
  4. The violin, and many other tools I use professionally
  5. Business opportunities, contacts, and even most of my career
  6. I’ve lost over $300,000 in this process, merely by fighting for the best interest of the kids: moving from state to state, hiring supervised visitation, rental deposits, etc..
  7. I was spending $1200 per week for supervised visits in California

However I don’t care about any of that, and in fact I almost never did. The only thing I care about is being a good father for these two kids:


… and providing for their health and safety.

The unconstitutional family court has never granted my children a speedy trial, a jury of my peers, and in fact, in the case of Judge Wood (who ordered the DVRO in California), I was not even allowed to present evidence or call witnesses due to an extreme conflict of interest on his part.

I’m requesting of the court that there be:

  • 50/50 custody in the best interest of the children
  • Father to make all educational and medical decisions for the children
  • A stay away order for Mrs Garcia and all of her relatives
  • No more move-away orders
  • No more visitation violations
  • No more interruptions during video calls
  • No more alienation from my extended family
  • No more malicious lies told to the children about me or my family
  • No more trying to run me over in front of Everett’s school
  • No more postponing visitation or custody 30 days through loopholes
  • No more canceling visits at the last moment, or just not showing up

In October 2019 our children were told they could either visit their father or attend a birthday party. I’m also requesting that the presents, photo albums, pictures, letters, Christmas albums and packages for my children not be thrown away.

The evidence for all of this malfeasance and harm to the children (and their father) is clearly represented in the PACT documentation (Exhibit J), and in more detail in the video testimony (Exhibit 9).

More evidence of Mrs Garcia’s relentless drive at alienating the children from their father is evidenced by the ex parte motion filed Dec 31, 2019 here in Hawaii. The only access the kids have to their father for months at a time is the video chats, which she goes out of her way to interrupt and discourage at all times. And now she is asking to discontinue those. Here is the correspondence between myself and her attorneys when we attempted to negotiate outside of court, and you can see she has no interest in negotiating or the best interest of the children, but instead filed an ex parte motion rather than granting me ONE video chat per week and guaranteed weekly visits, at the agreed supervision facility, which of course she refuses to do.

Offer of Settlement

Malia Alexander

Mon, Dec 9, 2019, 11:53 AM

Good Morning Mr. Thornton,

Our client has asked us to extend the following offer to you. In exchange for you having weekly visitation at PACT with the children, we ask that the video chats be discontinued. The remaining terms of the order would remain as is. Please let us know whether you would like to accept or decline the offer by the end of business day tomorrow, 12/10.


Malia Alexander

Staff Attorney

rhy o’drinnan <>

Mon, Dec 9, 2019, 2:13 PM

Hello Malia,

I would LOVE to see the kids every single week. But waiting a whole week is too long, and I’m highly skeptical that this is an actual good faith offer from your client.

It’s more likely that she knows how difficult it is to get on a regular schedule at PACT and will just use this as yet another vector to continue to damage my children’s relationship with their father (as she has been for the last 3 years).

IF I can get a GUARANTEE of a visit EVERY weekend, then I would be willing to move the video chats to once a week, on Wednesdays at 5pm, so they don’t have to wait a full 7 days to talk to their Dad.

But I will only agree to this if the visitation is actually scheduled and locked down at PACT, and the Wednesday chats are not hindered by NG4 and Mrs. Garcia, as they have been continuously for the last 2+ years (people shouting in the background, hanging up on me for asking what the kids had for lunch, babies screaming, etc..).

And also note, that this seems highly suspicious, as if your client is merely trying to present a more reasonable image ahead of the January 3 hearing. After almost 3 years of extreme child abuse and also my own personal torture, this sudden about face seems to be ultimately self-serving, which would also exactly confirm the narcissistic personality disorder diagnosis she already has.

Regardless of her motives, whether genuine or not, the opportunity for Everett & Grace to spend at least 2 hours EVERY week with their Dad would certainly be an improvement over the horrendous abuse they’ve been suffering at the hands of your client in 3 different states now. If we can actually make that happen, and this is a real offer, I’m all in.

But here’s my prediction: I agree to these terms, she continues to interrupt and interact any way she can during the Wednesday video chats (as she has for years now), and then she claims that PACT scheduled the wrong time (she’s done this), PACT can only do certain days and times she is unavailable (even though she is unemployed), and she will continue to hinder the actual visits (for instance telling the kids they can choose between a visit with Dad or going to a birthday party with all their friends, as she did at the October visit), AND feel entitled to deny the children video chats we’ve been having, while continuing to tell the kids “Dad rhymes with Bad, Your Dad has mental problems, Your Dad needs help…” and several other false slanders that are actually cruel forms of sadistic malevolence that is doing irreparable harm to two innocent children, as their self-worth is largely predicated on their own opinion of their own parents at this age.

Now, if there were a financial or legal penalty for her continuously breaking the visitation orders (or the new visitation agreement), and she was really FORCED to allow the children to have a relationship with their father: Then I am all ears.

How about I agree to the Sunday PACT visit and Wednesday video chat, and every time she disrupts or hinders those visitations, she is forced to pay $200 into a college fund for the children that I manage on their behalf (I will keep a public ledger)?

Because you’re dealing with someone who does not have any empathy (obviously), and she will continue to act against the best interests of the children for her own selfish agenda unless there are strong and real penalties for her malfeasance. Something I have been unable to secure in 3 states now, much to the detriment of my two innocent kids.

Also, if we DO get regular visitation, I want to provide the meal for the children so they can get a healthy dose of organic fruits and vegetables, something they used to get 2-3 meals a day when I was their primary caregiver for more than a year while Mrs Garcia was doing dabs at the marijuana dispensary with the predominantly college-age staff (and simultaneously going out drinking with the boss or various amateur musicians*). Your client has been feeding them Jack in the Box and Peanut Butter sandwiches right before they get to PACT so they wouldn’t eat the fresh fruits and vegetables she KNEW I was going to provide. This has been witnessed by the entire staff at PACT by the way. They have opinions about it as well at this point.

Further: Having to visit the kids at PACT is degrading and humiliating. I would MUCH RATHER take the kids to the beach, hiking, or just have them at my house where we can study guitar, violin, programming, art and literature. However, I do not want to interact with your client. AT ALL. So we would have to do the exchange either at PACT, or a police station, or some other neutral third party so I don’t have to see the kid’s abusers, who both frankly disgust me beyond all measure at this point.

Alternatively, she can agree to a full and fair 50/50 custody schedule, as I’ve been asking for since the very beginning, and I will do everything I can to salvage HER reputation with her own children, which will likely be an uphill life-long battle, given the abuse and vindictive viciousness she’s presented them for the last 2+ years.

Again, I would counsel you AND your client to read the literature on parental alienation. She is setting up a scenario wherein she will be estranged from both of her own children for life. This is how parental alienation backfires when a parent who is not in jail or on drugs or violent gets tortured in the way your client has tortured me. The kids get older, recognize the malfeasance, and then sever all ties with the parent who victimized the other parent. Read. The. Literature. There are not even conflicting studies. It’s settled science. And while I have absolutely no concern whatsoever for your client’s well-being when she inevitably reaps that karma: This is not good for the children. Because then they continue into adulthood hating one of their parents (most likely her, please, PLEASE, read the literature), and will always have diminished self esteem and self confidence because they know that they are genetically connected to a train wreck who would debase and devalue their own children in such a barbarous fashion. So now, on top of being the victim of this brutality for the last 3 years, I have the responsibility of trying to salvage the children’s self esteem and self confidence knowing full well that they are in fact closely genetically related to a maniacal tyrant, and continuously trying to sugar coat that harsh reality for their own psyche(s), and actually trying to encourage their continued relationship with her.

But that’s my responsibility, because they are my kids and what is in their best interest has been, and always will be, my absolute top priority.

Also note, this on-going and titanic cruelty has other victims as well. The kids haven’t seen or talked to any of their uncles, or their aunt. At all. They haven’t had any real relationship with their grandparents. They haven’t got to play with their cousins. And worst of all, they never even got to MEET their great grandmother, who has since passed away, and whom they were scheduled to meet BEFORE she died, when your client violated the Christmas visitation in 2017.

I’ve included their grandparents and uncles and aunt in this email, so if you want to communicate with them about your client’s unspeakable viciousness, please feel free.

Thank you,

Everett & Grace’s Dad

Rhy Thornton

*Added afterward for clarity

Suddenly, after 3 years of extreme parental alienation, she’s willing to schedule regular visitation? Right before a hearing? Mrs Garcia presents herself very well.

I received no response. No further negotiation. Instead they filed an ex parte motion in an attempt to further strip my children of their basic human rights to have access to their father and their entire paternal extended family, and this time without due process. If this isn’t a clear indication of the malfeasance of not only Mrs Garcia, but also her two incompetent and misandrous attorneys: I don’t know what is.

Please disallow the continued abuse of my children. Please allow me regular and steady shared custody, and make sure there are effective consequences for Mr and Mrs Garcia when they violate the court orders, as they have done already many, many times. Please allow me to help Everett & Grace re-establish their familial bonds with their grandparents, cousins, aunt, and uncles. Please allow me to feed Everett & Grace organic fruits and vegetables, free of toxic preservatives and dyes. Please allow me to help Everett & Grace further their educations, in computer programming, music, and every other subject. Please allow me to start saving money again for their college, my own retirement, and in case of a health emergency (much, much less important).

A troubling aspect of this case with Mrs Garcia, is that SHE is actually from a broken home. Her parents cheated on each other numerous times, and her mother battled addiction to the point wherein she was absent from the family’s lives for more than a year, while addicted to prescription opiates. So there’s more than one reason that Mrs Garcia has so many psychological issues. Not only do I recognize the genetic disorder exhibited by her, both of her sisters, and her mother, but it’s also a generational disorder wherein all kinds of self-destructive behaviors were demonstrated to be either acceptable or merely excused as a silly vice.

This pattern of parental alienation, abuse, and manipulation of the court system for personal financial gain is well-established: Mrs Garcia’s older sister Rhonda successfully married, bore a child with, divorced, and subsequently sued for maximum child support Matthew Hurm, a kind and gentle man with zero history of violence, criminality, or cruelty. He was a full-time care giver for their son Max, and hasn’t been allowed to even have a phone call with his son in over 2 years. Again, a guy with almost no criminal record and zero history of violence.

You asked about health insurance: I recently switched jobs in order to enroll. I’ve taken a pay cut, specifically so that I can tell you I will once again have health insurance within the next 60 days.

At the end of the hearing you said “Our family” needs counseling. I will not sit in a room with Mrs Garcia. I, and my children, have been victimized enough. She has kept the children from having a relationship with their father who is innocent of any wrong-doing for 3 years. It is impossible that I will ever benefit from any of her further “wisdom”.

I’ve asked that Mrs Garcia be ordered to seek professional help in every court in every state we’ve battled in. I doubt this will help. Her issues are not only genetic, but have been reinforced by generational infidelity, cruelty, drug and alcohol abuse, and a complete inability to accept personal responsibility. Moreover, Mrs Garcia and her sisters, mother and father are highly intelligent, and are very capable of misleading people (and likely professionals) as to their sociopathy. It’s likely impossible for a therapist or any type of mental health professional meeting with any one of them piecemeal for a few minutes a week to ferret out their cruel and intrinsic lack of humanity. They are charming, cunning, well-funded, and have zero compunction or conscience when it comes to their own selfish wants, needs, or desires. *(Editorial: I am not a professional psychologist. I do read a lot about it, however, and studied it briefly in college.)

The direct proof is that they’ve been torturing THREE children and TWO fathers for more than 3 years now. Two fathers with zero history of violence or malfeasance. This is a pattern.

I was ordered by a judge in California to take an anger management class after being denied access to my children for more than a year. I completed the course in 2018. It was boring, but I would consider the teacher a friend now (sort of).

I was ordered here in Hawaii to undergo a psychological evaluation, which I completed in July 2019 (exhibit 6). To be fair, I doubt this non-rigorous process would effectively diagnose the defendant or many other serious mental health issues I’ve witnessed from 3rd parties.

I have virtually no criminal record other than the occasional parking ticket.

I have standing job offers in 4 states because of my incredible work ethic and reliability. I’ve run many successful small businesses and am thorough with my spreadsheets.


Regarding HRS 571-46:

(1) Custody should be awarded to either parent or to both parents according to the best interests of the child, and the court also may consider frequent, continuing, and meaningful contact of each parent with the child unless the court finds that a parent is unable to act in the best interest of the child;

Mrs Garcia has continuously acted against the best interest of her children (exhibits 2, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, this document).

(2) Custody may be awarded to persons other than the father or mother whenever the award serves the best interest of the child. Any person who has had de facto custody of the child in a stable and wholesome home and is a fit and proper person shall be entitled prima facie to an award of custody;

Not relevant. They have a perfectly good father with zero history of violence, criminality, drug use, or mental health issues (exhibit 6, employment record, legal record).

(3) If a child is of sufficient age and capacity to reason, so as to form an intelligent preference, the child’s wishes as to custody shall be considered and be given due weight by the court;

The kids are too young to make their own determination. And at this point they’ve likely been brainwashed by someone in their maternal family to believe that their father is either insane, incompetent, or otherwise insufficient. This is proven by the disrespect shown me which is readily apparent in the PACT family visitation logs, and is also well documented on my YouTube vlog as a semi-weekly digest. (Exhibit J, YouTube).

(4) Whenever good cause appears therefor, the court may require an investigation and report concerning the care, welfare, and custody of any minor child of the parties. When so directed by the court, investigators or professional personnel attached to or assisting the court, hereinafter referred to as child custody evaluators, shall make investigations and reports that shall be made available to all interested parties and counsel before hearing, and the reports may be received in evidence if no objection is made and, if objection is made, may be received in evidence; provided the person or persons responsible for the report are available for cross-examination as to any matter that has been investigated; and provided further that the court shall define, in accordance with section 571-46.4, the requirements to be a court-appointed child custody evaluator, the standards of practice, ethics, policies, and procedures required of court-appointed child custody evaluators in the performance of their duties for all courts, and the powers of the courts over child custody evaluators to effectuate the best interests of a child in a contested custody dispute pursuant to this section. Where there is no child custody evaluator available that meets the requirements and standards, or any child custody evaluator to serve indigent parties, the court may appoint a person otherwise willing and available in accordance with section 571-46.4;

I’m happy to submit to any test, any panel, or any other process that will help ferret out who has been abusing my children and in what manner. They’d be interested to hear about when Everett almost drowned while being “watched” by Mr Garcia. They’d be interested to hear about Grace’s broken arm while being unsupervised. Everett told me, “I had to run home and tell Mom and Dad.” Mrs Garcia has been forcing the children to call Mr Garcia “Dad”, in addition to destroying their relationship with their actual father. This is a Classic Obsessed Alienator Tactic (exhibit 7).

(5) The court may hear the testimony of any person or expert, produced by any party or upon the court’s own motion, whose skill, insight, knowledge, or experience is such that the person’s or expert’s testimony is relevant to a just and reasonable determination of what is for the best physical, mental, moral, and spiritual well-being of the child whose custody is at issue;

I’m wary of this, because the last “expert” Jenna Bush, did almost no due diligence, and proffered up a “report” reiterating Mrs Garcia’s lies, ignoring the evidence of psychological issues Mrs Garcia has consistently displayed (Exhibits D, E). I met with Jenna Bush one time for 40 minutes. She seemed focused on leaving for lunch. And she ruled against the children’s rights and aided in robbing them of their father for 2 years now based on that single 40 minute meeting (YouTube).

(6) Any custody award shall be subject to modification or change whenever the best interests of the child require or justify the modification or change and, wherever practicable, the same person who made the original order shall hear the motion or petition for modification of the prior award;

We’ve had 7 different judges now. None of them familiar with our case or the psychology of the individuals involved. These kids are not their kids, so they just pass it along to the next judge without ever acting in the best interest of the children. Mrs Garcia and a host of sleazy lawyers (particularly in California) have successfully used 3 state governments now to perpetuate an extreme human rights violation (Parental Alienation) on 3 innocent individuals for 3 years.

(7) Reasonable visitation rights shall be awarded to parents, grandparents, siblings, and any person interested in the welfare of the child in the discretion of the court, unless it is shown that rights of visitation are detrimental to the best interests of the child;

This should clearly rule in my favor. I’ve only done everything I can in the best interests of the children since before they were born. While Ms Nee Gehrisch is out doing dabs with teenagers, “hooking up” with amateur strip-club promoters (why we initially separated), and dragging the kids with her on dates from navy guy to navy guy looking for a paycheck. This may sound harsh, but it is factually accurate. I truly wish I was unable to say this about my children’s mother. It brings me great shame. This is not the life I had envisioned for Everett and Grace, certainly.

(8) The court may appoint a guardian ad litem to represent the interests of the child and may assess the reasonable fees and expenses of the guardian ad litem as costs of the action, payable in whole or in part by either or both parties as the circumstances may justify;

It is doubtful an additional lawyer will be able to learn enough about Mrs Garcia to provide reasonable assistance to the children. As I stated earlier, she had me fooled for years. She does fool people long enough to hold some jobs* for some amount of time. Any lawyer or psychologist will likely be fooled even longer. *I’ve never seen a real job go more than a year.

(9) In every proceeding where there is at issue a dispute as to the custody of a child, a determination by the court that family violence has been committed by a parent raises a rebuttable presumption that it is detrimental to the child and not in the best interest of the child to be placed in sole custody, joint legal custody, or joint physical custody with the perpetrator of family violence. In addition to other factors that a court shall consider in a proceeding in which the custody of a child or visitation by a parent is at issue, and in which the court has made a finding of family violence by a parent:

There has been violence. Solely at the hands of Mrs Garcia in front of Everett’s school. Merely because I was trying to see the kids for the first time in over 6 months, during which she had already violated several standing court orders (Exhibit G).

(A) The court shall consider as the primary factor the safety and well-being of the child and of the parent who is the victim of family violence;

I’m the victim. There has been no other evidence of violence even alleged, much less proven.

(B) The court shall consider the perpetrator’s history of causing physical harm, bodily injury, or assault or causing reasonable fear of physical harm, bodily injury, or assault to another person; and

She has 2 DUIs. She could have easily killed somebody with a car, as she intimated with me as mentioned above. Further, she consistently drove both drunk and stoned while working at “Stonies” in Coos Bay. Myself and many other people in that community could attest to that, in addition to the 2 DUIs. Mrs Garcia can also attract attention in public from other potentially dangerous adults. At a restaurant in Coos Bay, she had an argument with a woman in a nearby table, eventually calling the woman “FAT!” loudly in front of the entire restaurant and our children. The woman later brandished a gun at Mrs Garcia, while we were seated at a table to eat dinner as a family. She was sober at that time, I believe. Grace broke her arm while unsupervised. Everett nearly drowned while “supervised” by Mr Garcia.

C) If a parent is absent or relocates because of an act of family violence by the other parent, the absence or relocation shall not be a factor that weighs against the parent in determining custody or visitation;

N/A However, I have followed the children from state to state in order to attempt to mitigate the psychological harm that parental alienation causes (exhibit 7).

(10) A court may award visitation to a parent who has committed family violence only if the court finds that adequate provision can be made for the physical safety and psychological well-being of the child and for the safety of the parent who is a victim of family violence;

Mrs Garcia should have supervised visitation at PACT, in an ideal world. Unfortunately, I can’t be a full-time Dad because I have to work to survive (unlike Mrs Garcia, who remains unemployed), which is why I’m asking for 50/50 custody. If I was the custodial parent, I would never miss the appointment, or attempt to delay them or cancel them or discourage the children from them, as Mrs Garcia has now several times (Exhibit J), despite the fact that I do not think Mrs Garcia is a capable parent based on all of this evidence I’ve already presented. Because the evidence shows that even in extreme cases, alienation is probably worse than having no relationship with a parent. *speculation, my guess is she has some penny ante part time job she’s charmed her way into. I have no idea. I’m not interested in Mrs Garcia’s doings at this time, other than as how it relates to the well-being of my children.

(11) In a visitation order, a court may:

(A) Order an exchange of a child to occur in a protected setting;

Absolutely. I’d rather not give Mrs. Garcia another chance at running over the children’s father. And for my own well-being, I’d prefer not to see her at all.

(B) Order visitation supervised by another person or agency;

Agreed. Ideally, Mrs Garcia should have visitation with the kids at PACT. As often as possible. Unlike Mrs Garcia: I will show up on time to every visit, because I take the well-being of the children very seriously.

C) Order the perpetrator of family violence to attend and complete, to the satisfaction of the court, a program of intervention for perpetrators or other designated counseling as a condition of the visitation;

I don’t know what counseling or intervention will mitigate Mrs Garcia’s violent and manic tendencies. I wish to avoid placing myself and the children in harm’s way, or at least lower the chance that they are around when she starts an altercation with a stranger in public.

(D) Order the perpetrator of family violence to abstain from possession or consumption of alcohol or controlled substances during the visitation and for twenty-four hours preceding the visitation;

When I was with her she was cross-faded (drunk and stoned) into a stupor almost every day. She would occasionally be so hung over she would take a day off. This is not a person who is capable of dealing with the reality of their own inherent psychological issues without self-medicating*. That was my consistent and constant experience with her from 2009 until 2017, other than when she was pregnant, and I strictly forbade it (although she still smoked marijuana even during gestation). *speculation. I cannot predict the future.

(E) Order the perpetrator of family violence to pay a fee to defray the costs of supervised visitation;

How? She’s not gainfully employed. She’s not mentally stable enough to hold a legitimate job. It’s clear to me that they don’t do enough research when writing these laws. There are dozens of variations that are not accounted for in this verbiage.

(F) Prohibit overnight visitation;


(G) Require a bond from the perpetrator of family violence for the return and safety of the child. In determining the amount of the bond, the court shall consider the financial circumstances of the perpetrator of family violence;

Not realistic. She can’t work. She’s too emotionally unstable. She has never held a steady job or kept consistent business or personal contacts with anyone other than her immediate family (see above).

(H) Impose any other condition that is deemed necessary to provide for the safety of the child, the victim of family violence, or other family or household member; and


(I) Order the address of the child and the victim to be kept confidential;

This is mandatory. I fear for my own safety. A narcissist will do anything to win at all costs. If she loses in court (an inevitability, on a long enough time line, given her very serious mental health issues), it’s likely she will become even more erratic (according to the research). I absolutely fear for my own physical safety. She, her mother, and one of her sisters have demonstrated no moral compunction about destroying lives in order to “win”. I’m terrified at the prospect of them discovering my address, where I work, or any other detail that could lead to my untimely demise. I’m mostly terrified because then the children would be stuck with nobody rational to look out for their best interests. I would really like a restraining order from Chris and Regina Gehrisch in particular, for mine and the children’s safety.

(12) The court may refer but shall not order an adult who is a victim of family violence to attend, either individually or with the perpetrator of the family violence, counseling relating to the victim’s status or behavior as a victim as a condition of receiving custody of a child or as a condition of visitation;

I’m good. I went to counseling already, and in general, I found the mental health “professionals” had not really read or comprehended most of the relevant literature and were just punching a clock and collecting a paycheck. I DO NOT want to be in the same room with Mrs Garcia. Ever. I have suffered enough, and this is not the recommended treatment for the PTSD I’m clearly suffering at her hand.

(13) If a court allows a family or household member to supervise visitation, the court shall establish conditions to be followed during visitation;

Absolutely not. I wish I had a more detailed psychological profile of Mrs Garcia and her family. It would be beneficial for me to observe warning signs during development in Everett and Grace and try to mitigate it through careful training and conscious exercise. The Gehrisch women are all on cocktails of medication, and it does not seem to be mitigating their very serious mental health issues, and indeed may even be exacerbating them (At least they were 3 years ago when I knew them all intimately).

(14) A supervised visitation center shall provide a secure setting and specialized procedures for supervised visitation and the transfer of children for visitation and supervision by a person trained in security and the avoidance of family violence;

Imagine if PACT could use email, setup and keep appointments regularly, and not interfere in the relationship between the parent and child based on lies by the alienating parent. That would be even better. I’m grateful for PACT, however it is a system that could use a LOT of improvement, and I would happily make some recommendations. The first recommendation would be basic lessons on how to use email, and keep a schedule. A service I’ve provided for many clients at I would be happy to provide this service for free* in order to help other fathers and alienated children. Because this could help lower crime (Parental Alienation often leads to criminal behaviors later in life) and make Hawaii a better place for every single person who sets foot on these beautiful islands. *Google frequently gives licenses for their entire suite to government agencies who are attempting to improve the public good.

(15) The court may include in visitation awarded pursuant to this section visitation by electronic communication provided that the court shall additionally consider the potential for abuse or misuse of the electronic communication, including the equipment used for the communication, by the person seeking visitation or by persons who may be present during the visitation or have access to the communication or equipment; whether the person seeking visitation has previously violated a temporary restraining order or protective order; and whether adequate provision can be made for the physical safety and psychological well-being of the child and for the safety of the custodial parent;

Unlike Mrs. Garcia, I will happily allow her video chats with the kids, and in fact, even bought her an Amazon Alexa for instant and unfettered video access when I had the kids on the farm in Oregon. Literally the opposite of the loud, rude, interrupting, and discouraging video chats she and Mr Garcia have provided the children during their little precious time with their father. Even AFTER the hearing on Friday, she did not allow the full video chat yesterday (Sunday, Jan 5), and interrupted, discouraged, and prematurely hung up the call. At this point I’ve given up reporting every incident to the San Diego District Attorney. It would be a full time job!

(16) The court may set conditions for visitation by electronic communication under paragraph (15), including visitation supervised by another person or occurring in a protected setting. Visitation by electronic communication shall not be used to:

Not really relevant. Any damage she’s already done over the last 3 years should easily convince the kids that their mother has serious mental health issues and her word won’t be taken too seriously. This is the inevitable outcome of parental alienation in the overwhelming majority of cases. Nearly all the literature shows that, and I’ve tried to get Mrs Garcia to read the literature and act in her own best interest several times through the talking parents app (which is an almost useless app when you’re dealing with an extreme narcissist, by the way, and honestly, I’d much prefer not to interact with Mrs Garcia ever. Please).

(A) Replace or substitute an award of custody or physical visitation except where:

(i) Circumstances exist that make a parent seeking visitation unable to participate in physical visitation, including military deployment; or

I’m sure the kids will still see Mr Garcia plenty, even if he’s deployed. That is, if Mrs Garcia is even capable of long-term relationships.

(ii) Physical visitation may subject the child to physical or extreme psychological harm; or

More than the extreme psychological harm already done by the defendant? Please, PLEASE, allow me to provide a loving and nurturing environment for the children at LEAST 50% of the time. That’s really the root of what I’ve been asking for for 3 years now, and will continue to relentlessly pursue until December of 2031 when Grace turns 18, unless it is awarded sooner, which I will continue to fight for regardless of any obstacle: in the best interest of the children.

(B) Justify or support the relocation of a custodial parent; and

Not interested. Let’s stay in Hawaii and stop forcing the kids to abandon all their friends and family over, and over, and over again. They’ve had enough of that kind of abuse. I can take care of the kids here in Hawaii, and it’s unfair and cruel to force the kids to move and lose all their friends so consistently. It’s mentally unhealthy, clearly, as this has also been a factor in Mrs Garcia’s life. She was dragged from military base to military base as a child, and I believe this aided in her devaluation of human connection, relationships, and sense of self, later in life leading to a lack of friends and other long-term relationships, or even the ability to hold steady employment.

(17) Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary, no natural parent shall be granted custody of or visitation with a child if the natural parent has been convicted in a court of competent jurisdiction in any state of rape or sexual assault and the child was conceived as a result of that offense; provided that:

Not relevant in this case. Thank god.

(A) A denial of custody or visitation under this paragraph shall not affect the obligation of the convicted natural parent to support the child;


(B) The court may order the convicted natural parent to pay child support;


© This paragraph shall not apply if subsequent to the date of conviction, the convicted natural parent and custodial natural parent cohabitate and establish a mutual custodial environment for the child; and


(D) A custodial natural parent may petition the court to grant the convicted natural parent custody and visitation denied pursuant to this paragraph, and upon such petition the court may grant custody and visitation to the convicted natural parent where it is in the best interest of the child.

N/A This is a sick world we live in.

(b) In determining what constitutes the best interest of the child under this section, the court shall consider, but not be limited to, the following:

(1) Any history of sexual or physical abuse of a child by a parent;

N/A Thank Christ. Though the kids may be in physical danger due to neglect under the “supervision” of the Garcia household, I have seen no evidence of physical abuse. Otherwise I’d have violated the restraining order. I am however frankly appalled at their diet, apparent lack of physical exercise, and lack of education.

(2) Any history of neglect or emotional abuse of a child by a parent;

Does this include 3 years of severe psychological torture in the form of Parental Alienation, and bad-mouthing the non-custodial parent constantly (lowering the children’s self esteem and self confidence)? What about not allowing the children to have a relationship with grandparents, cousins, uncles, their aunt, and also ensuring the children never even got to meet their great grandmother? What about forcing the children to watch their father almost be run over? What about throwing away all the presents their father bought them, and in some cases hand-made for them? What about telling the children their father is mentally unfit, only cares about money, etc? What about never getting to see the cherry trees they planted on a farm they owned grow to bear fruit?(Exhibits J, 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12)

(3) The overall quality of the parent-child relationship;

What relationship? The 3 of us have been severely abused for 3 years now. We BARELY have a relationship. Thanks to Mrs. Garcia and Thomas Fischer, and a corrupt dirty judge (Judge Wood) with a clear conflict of interest in California my children have been robbed of their father for 3 long years. Despite his every endeavor to alter their fate.

(4) The history of caregiving or parenting by each parent prior and subsequent to a marital or other type of separation;

Before the separation due to Mrs Garcia’s drug use and infidelity, I was the full time primary caregiver providing 3 all organic, locally sourced meals, reading literature, teaching animal husbandry, geometry, wood working, music, athletics, engineering, and especially gardening, and growing locally sourced healthy food. Every single day. Now they go from military base to military base eating jack in the box with a bipolar narcissist and her FOURTH military paramour in the last 3 years. What’s in the best interest of the children? (Plaintiff Exhibit 2, 4, 7, 9)

(5) Each parent’s cooperation in developing and implementing a plan to meet the child’s ongoing needs, interests, and schedule; provided that this factor shall not be considered in any case where the court has determined that family violence has been committed by a parent;

I’ve been an educator and working in education for more than 20 years. I ran after school guitar programs in La Costa, Cardiff, and San Marcos. I taught Music History 101 at Summer camp in La Jolla. I managed youth orchestras in Ridgecrest, Riverside, and Encinitas. I was the IT Director for 13 school districts. I ran after school technology clubs, including 3d printing and programming. Since then I taught after school technology programs in San Diego, music lessons in California and Hawaii. I was the Director of the string department at the Encinitas School of Music. Before that I was the Director of the String Department at Empire Music School in Riverside. I was also the Director of the ENTIRE music school at Orcoast Music in Coos Bay. I was the primary fiddle instructor for the Old Fiddler’s Association in Bandon. I’ve taught hundreds and maybe even thousands of students violin, guitar, cello, viola, bass, ukulele, mandolin, and voice, both for private schools, public schools, running my own small school (O’Drinnan’s School of Celtic Fiddle), and have never had a single incident with a parent, student, other faculty, or the many public venues we’ve used for recitals and other performance. I’ve been esteemed and respected and a pillar of the community in all roles. Mrs. Garcia worked at a Marijuana Dispensary and goes from navy guy to navy guy for a handout.

(6) The physical health needs of the child;

Hiking, gardening, and a giant trampoline were our favorite activities in Oregon. Now they play on their iPads (very unhealthy for young kids according to countless studies) Xbox and watch corporate garbage on Netflix. With me, they will be swimming, hiking, and interacting with the public as much as possible, learning finance and people skills the entire time.

(7) The emotional needs of the child;

I’m constantly telling the kids how proud I am of them, how much I love them, and how much their extended family misses them (Exhibits J, 1, 2, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12). I’ve also retained friendship with all of their old friends, who’s families have outright disowned Mrs Garcia for her cruelty and other mental health issues.

(8) The safety needs of the child;

When I was watching the kids, they never almost drowned or broke a bone. Not true with the Garcia household, where both of those incidents were reported to me directly by both children independently. Given Mrs Garcia’s long history of driving drunk even AFTER 2 DUIs, safety is a constant concern. As is the negligence already reported twice by the kids to me in our limited time together.

(9) The educational needs of the child;

Everett was reading the Narnia chronicles at age 4. Now he reads comic books and watches TV. The Garcia Family and their lawyers can’t even adequately burn a DVD (Defendant Exhibits L, N)? As a professional educator for most of my life, and knowing how valuable these early years are for the kid’s education, not being able to talk to them about first principles, basic physics, engineering, algorithms, music… sheer torture.

(10) The child’s need for relationships with siblings;

What about their relationships with The Entire Thornton Family (including their Dad) (Exhibits 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12).

(11) Each parent’s actions demonstrating that they allow the child to maintain family connections through family events and activities; provided that this factor shall not be considered in any case where the court has determined that family violence has been committed by a parent;

As stated before, when *I* was the custodial parent by a ruling in the state of Oregon, I made sure they had video chat DAILY with their mother, and also reached out to their other maternal relatives. The kids haven’t seen anyone in my family for over 2 years, and didn’t talk with their grandfather who they spent every other weekend with AT ALL for over 2 years. Not even a phone call with Grampa Jed(Exhibits 9, 10, 11, 12).

(12) Each parent’s actions demonstrating that they separate the child’s needs from the parent’s needs;

I have consistently put the kid’s needs ahead of mine own since before Everett was born (Exhibit 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9). Mrs Garcia abuses the kids, and her ex-husband, even when it harms her own self (Exhibits J, 7, 9)!

(13) Any evidence of past or current drug or alcohol abuse by a parent;

2 DUIs and working at a marijuana dispensary, cocaine, drunk driving with amateur burlesque promoters (the reason we initially separated) (Exhibit 9).

(14) The mental health of each parent;

As stated numerous times now, Mrs Garcia, both of her sisters, and her mother suffer from EXTREME personality disorders, and what used to be called “BiPolar” syndrome. When Mrs Garcia is up, she is the life of the party, everyone loves her. When she’s down, it’s very difficult to talk her out of killing herself(Exhibit 9). The defendant also exhibits extreme sociopathy in not allowing small innocent children to see their parent. Mrs Garcia is also a textbook version of an “Obsessed Alienator” (exhibit 7), a condition that usually requires more than one extreme personality disorder.

(15) The areas and levels of conflict present within the family; and

Mrs Garcia’s sister Jenny has threatened me personally with a large kitchen knife during a holiday gathering. Because I asked her to use utensils (rather than grabbing a hunk out of the cake with her bare hand) when eating my birthday cake, because I know she has herpes.

(16) A parent’s prior wilful misuse of the protection from abuse process under chapter 586 to gain a tactical advantage in any proceeding involving the custody determination of a minor. Such wilful misuse may be considered only if it is established by clear and convincing evidence, and if it is further found by clear and convincing evidence that in the particular family circumstance the wilful misuse tends to show that, in the future, the parent who engaged in the wilful misuse will not be able to cooperate successfully with the other parent in their shared responsibilities for the child. The court shall articulate findings of fact whenever relying upon this factor as part of its determination of the best interests of the child. For the purposes of this section, when taken alone, the voluntary dismissal of a petition for protection from abuse shall not be treated as prima facie evidence that a wilful misuse of the protection from abuse process has occurred.

This is the most damning aspect of this law for Mrs. Garcia. She took the kids against my will across state lines to live with her alcoholic drug addict mother. She then denied almost any and all visitation. She refused to negotiate ANY visitation or shared custody agreement (exhibit 3). She then violated every aspect of the Oregon shared custody ruling (Exhibit G). She acquired a restraining order against me based on memes from FaceBook with collusion between herself, her lawyer, and a corrupt judge that was personal friends of her father (Exhibits 1, 2, 3, 9, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V). She then moved the kids to yet ANOTHER state, and then hindered and hampered visitation by all means possible, including no-shows, telling the kids if they visit their Dad they can’t go to a birthday party, and also rolling a “30 Day notice” clause into stretching some visits out for months and months at a time (All exhibits). This here, #16, is Mrs Garcia’s MOST GROSS violation of the law, and the clearest of all indicators why the children’s natural father, with a spotless employment record, zero history of criminality or addictive behaviors, no history of violence, and a large supportive family should be making ALL of the important educational and health decisions for Everett and Grace, and also providing them a stable and healthy family environment free from stress, neglect, and verbal abuse, at least 50% of the time.

Currently, I am unable to schedule PACT visitation because Everett told me his fortnite user name at the last visit. Because he wants to play a videogame with his Dad. So now I’ve been playing phone tag with the PACT supervisor, because she needs to discuss with me that playing an online video game with my son would be a violation of the restraining order. A fact I well know, which is why I have never downloaded or installed fortnite. In fact I have never violated the restraining order, and keep in mind that there has been no violence alleged at any time. But now the defendant is using Everett telling his Dad his username (likely because he misses his Dad) as an excuse to postpone visitation. There’s a pattern here. A consistent, relentless pattern. And it’s been going on since February of 2017, and is still going on now in January of 2020. And it is perfectly described by (exhibit 7). And the defendant is so cocky and confident in her strategy, that she will pursue the alienation based on such a vague potential infraction as a father playing a video game with his son, even before your honor has made a ruling.

Your honor, you have the opportunity to do the right thing here and order two innocent kids to have access to their Dad, who has never committed any crime or act of violence, and has been absolutely destroyed by the unconstitutional “family” court in 3 states now. I pray you do the right thing, and grant 50/50 custody, which is all I’ve been fighting and begging and pleading for since day one almost 3 years ago now. My sincerest hope is that some day hopefully soon my two kids will get to grow a garden again with Dad again.

These kids deserve at least that:Screenshot at 2018-12-20 17-24-32

My proposed parenting plan is very simple: 50/50 without exceptions. I would like to pick the kids up from school on Friday afternoon, have them for the entire week, including school and any other activities. During this time Mrs Garcia will not be in their lives at all. The following week, Mrs Garcia will pick them up from school on Friday afternoon, have them the entire week, including school and any other activities. During this time I will not be in their lives at all. In this way, the children will have access to their entire family, and extended families, and the loving and nurturing father they’ve been missing for 3 years. In addition, they will be spared the continued high conflict abuse that both they and I have been suffering for the last 3 years. They will also not have to witness their mother trying to run their father over for a second time. If awarded custody or shared custody, I will not engage with the defendant in any way for any reason. I will cease to exist in her world.

And in this way, the toxic conflict that Mrs Garcia started when she refused to negotiate visitation via email (exhibit C) can finally be ended, 3 long years later. We will not have to communicate via talking parents, text, email, attorney, phone, skype, or by any other means. Which, besides allowing me to be a Dad again, would be the greatest thing anyone has ever done for me.

Continued alienation will lead to a host of psychological issues in the future if it is not addressed immediately. That has been, and still is my only goal: To mitigate or alleviate the extreme psychological harm the defendant has been perpetrating on our innocent children since February 2017.

I’m deeply humbled by my role in all of this and hopeful that this process will get the ball rolling in a more positive direction for Everett and Grace.

Thank you,

Rhy Thornton

Brief Addendum:

This document sounds surprisingly harsh and bleak upon reading. This was not my intent. In life I generally try to think about the positive possibilities of tomorrow rather than focus on the negativity of the past. This is also clear in the can-do attitude of my many successful small businesses over the years. However I’m attempting to summarize the most essential facts in the best interest of my children. And the facts themselves present a bleak and brutal picture of the failure of law, our court systems, our mental health education, and the value we assign to the importance of family as a society.

Which should obviously be much, much higher. I truly want the best outcome for all parties. Even the parties that have so harshly wronged myself and worse: my children. But the best outcome is not to let people making bad decisions continue to be in charge of the well-being of children. So I had to present all the facts as best I could. I’m really sorry for it’s length, my own personal anger and frustration, or any other aspect of this document that doesn’t seem up to my usual standards. If it aids anybody in any way, and especially my children, I would be happy to elaborate on any of these points, bring additional witnesses, provide additional testimony, or aid other families struggling in a similar difficult situation.

Fairweather Friends

When I was in high school, overwhelmingly, I spent most of my time decidedly NOT in the “In” crowd. This isn’t whining, or regret, or anything. Indeed, many, many kids had it way rougher than I did. I can think of a few kids in particular that were horribly abused almost every minute of every day. FOR YEARS. At least initially, I didn’t stick up for them, either. As is the case for most teenagers, I think I was much more focused and stuck on MY station in life. MY position in the social strata. MY ability to make and keep friends, and, someday, by some miracle, maybe even a girlfriend. I think my position was probably the most typical position there was, really: Not the cool kid, but not the hyper-abused outcast with some kind of genuine physical/social/mental handicap. This probably sounds familiar. This was either you, or somebody you knew, or maybe you later in life, or earlier. Almost nobody starts life in the “In” crowd and stays there till they die. That’s probably very unusual.

But one day, and for reasons that I still don’t comprehend, understand, or really care about at all (thankfully, 20 years later!), I was suddenly NOT excluded completely from the “In” crowd. Now to be certain, I wasn’t the prom king alpha male football captain quarterback, not at all. I was one of the bottom feeding “almost cool” kids. Invited to the party, but largely just to make the big hero look good. This is also an incredibly common circumstance for us social monkeys, and I’m sure this position sounds familiar on some level to almost everyone.

You can’t really blame the Cool kids.  How can you?  They’re just insecure stressed out pathetic little monkeys like the rest of us.

A career in music. A battle against perfectionism.

As many of my friends/family and online friends might know.  I’ve been working on an album now for more than 7 years.

Seven.  Years.

Playing music CAN be fun.  I still enjoy playing the violin.  I still enjoy singing.  I still enjoy playing the guitar.  But to actually play music and MAKE MONEY at it: Incredibly frustrating.  Everybody has an opinion.  Everybody has ideas.  Everybody is a special snowflake that is unique and precious.  From the sound guy, to the bassist, to the fan, to the cousin of a former guitarist, you will hear everyone’s take on your craft, your art, what’s good about it, why you haven’t had more financial success.  It’s like an echo chamber wherein everyone you’ve ever met in your entire life is screaming at the top of their lungs in a well-intentioned ploy to help you succeed.  Which is incredibly counter-productive.

Live shows are REALLY frustrating.  I’ve probably played over 5,000 live shows in the last 2 decades.  At one point I was doing 4-5 shows PER WEEK in the LeperKhanz, and that went on about a year.  Before and after that we were doing an average of 3 shows a week.  Living, day and night on top of 3 other dudes, who may not have that much in common with you other than a passion to be involved in some way with producing musical content.  Again: Everyone has an opinion.  Your guitarist you just hired with no previous experience?  He’s got an opinion.  The club owner who has only every hired his buddies to do a few 80s covers once a month?  He’s got an opinion.  He’s also got a busted ass PA and wants to run sound for you.  And his PA only has one monitor mix.  And none of the monitors have the power to be heard over a live drummer.  But if you try to fix ANY of that, or even mention it: YOU are a fucking prima donna.  A maniacal asshole.  An arrogant, self-absorbed typical musician type.  A whiny crybaby.  And then of course, you have to own thousands of dollars worth of gear, have a reliable car, be a hiring manager, an entrepreneur, a therapist, and be willing to work for little or no pay, or in some cases, even to pay to work.  That in a nutshell is what doing live shows is all about.  And on top of all that work, sweat, and toil?  Even when you run your own sound, have clean power, everyone show’s up on time: the crowd may not show up.  One of your bandmates might be in a shit mood.  Or going through a divorce.  Or have a medical emergency.  Or get drunk.  Or stoned.  Or have a car accident.  Or blow a head gasket.  Or have their amp die.  Or forget their kick drum pedal 3 hours away.  And yet some people, despite all of this, trudge on.  And keep doing live shows anyway.  I’m one of those people.

Recording though, it’s a whole different frustration.  First of all, you are in for the David and Goliath of all time.  You are just one person.  With limited technical capabilities and equipment.  Your competitors, though largely no-talent hacks that couldn’t even arpeggiate a chord, have BILLIONS OF DOLLARS worth of resources:  The best producers.  The best microphones, computers, guitars, amps, drums, giant luxurious studios, production assistants, promoters, publishing houses, radio industry ties, television and movie placements, endorsement deals,

The bombs keep dropping.

Somewhere in the suburbs,
a man is giving himself diabetes
at a corporate chain managed
by an awkward teen
who has never had a girlfriend.

And the bombs keep dropping.

Somewhere in the Pacific Northwest
an elderly lady stares out a window.
The home smells like canned peas,
and the chubby black woman who
changes her sheets has never met
her family.

And the bombs keep dropping.

Somewhere in the desert
a tweaker with hardly any teeth
is remembering a life choice where
it seems everything went wrong.
The gas station attendant
judging him in silent contempt.

And the bombs keep dropping.

In the nation’s capital, money is
buying more money. Sex slaves
are being raped by obese old men
and wondering what it is they did
to deserve the short misery their
soon ending lives have brought.

And the bombs keep dropping.

At the top of the corporate tower,
behind a solid mahogany desk
a man is drowning his sorrows
with 100 year old scotch. He’s
remembering his one true love,
who lives happily somewhere out
in the country with a family of her own.

And the bombs keep dropping.

A child sits starving, his family was
blown to dust in front of him mere hours ago.
It’s cold, and the lizards run for shelter.

And the bombs keep dropping.

Somewhere in Southern California
a young man celebrates a small
victory in his favorite video game. His
online friends are bemused that the
accomplishment took so long.

And the bombs keep dropping.

And the high fructose GMO
Starbucks mocha goes up another dollar.

And the bombs keep dropping.

And the swamp is still full.
Fuller than ever.

And the bombs keep dropping.

My AirShip Plans.

I want to begin construction on no less than one airship a year.  This first year, I will merely test vessels for storing hydrogen.  Calculate weights.  Do some math about compression, and buoyancy.  Set up systems for collecting hydrogen (not at much quantity, initially).

Year Two.  Having successfully built some chassis or frame, capable of storing hydrogen enough to be buoyant, I intend to explore propulsion.  No big promises.  Just some motion, forward, backward, up, and down, and side to side, and somewhat reproducibly and reliable.

Year Three will see the dawn of earnest navigational techniques, real time local 3d mapping of the airship’s surroundings, and advanced capabilities in weather monitoring, wireless communication, and some experimentation with customized landing platforms.

Year Four will be a very reliable courier of small parcels over any distance globally, with somewhat realistic capability at predicting arrival times, within a fairly large margin of error.

Year Five will be giving the small airship couriers capability at energy collection, storage, and more legitimate ballast (water).  And radically narrow last year’s navigational margin of error.

Year Six will be making small airships you can ride in.

Year seven will be making an RV capable of storing power, food, water, and climate control for a family of four for a week, in temperate climates.

Year eight will be a truly luxury home in a robot-piloted chassis of elegance and beauty that can reach any destination on the planet within 7 days, with enough power left over to provide for all living needs for an additional week on arrival, even in extreme polar climates.

Year nine will be the first very large human terrarium airship model.  This will be a monstrous structure capable of providing all plant and animal life that would sustain a family of four indefinitely.  Think floating permaculture food forest, aero and aquaponics, robot-grown entire food chain for human sustenance, chickens, peaches, carrots, oranges, rotated monthly to ensure a continuous year round fresh harvest of all possible produce.  IE A Permanently advancing greenhouse with 12 separate climate controlled sections, wherein there is June harvest in one section every month of the year.  Of all known edible fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Year 10 We explore the edges of the atmosphere, and begin planning for Low Earth Orbit.

Year 11 Low Earth Orbit.

Year 12 High Earth Orbit, Lagrange Points.

Year 13 Single Lunar Orbit

Year 14 Lunar Landing

Year 15 Mars, The Atmosphere of Venus

Year 16 Mercury orbit, Jupiter orbit.

Year 17 Solar orbit, Saturn orbit.

Year 18 Uranus  J/K I have NO idea at this point where we’ll be in this overall project, and Uranus is pretty too far out there, I’m not sure we could even get to Saturn in the time alotted by year 17.

I believe I can successfully conduct the first 6 years on a budget of 100,000 per year.

I think years 7 through 15 will be realistic with a budget of 1,000,000.

After that, I believe my budget will have to increase substantially.

I want to stop doing IT and playing music, and build AirShips.  Lend me a bitcoin!


Fake News is the GateWay Drug!

Dear American people.  Now is a glorious time to be alive!

Today, the president elect refused to address CNN.  Because CNN is Fake News.  They had leaked a bullshit CIA rumor pulled from FUCKING 4chan!! as a real news story to the world.  Zero fact checking, just run with it!

And CNN has been fake news for DECADES.  This is obvious to anyone who does even a modicum of research.

But CNN is just the tip of a vast and enormous iceberg.  CNN is fake news.  But so is MSNBC, WaPo, NyT, TyT, Fox, CBS, and every other corporate news outlet.  Mysteriously, ALL of the corporate news is fake.

And it’s not just corporate news that’s fake.

It’s all of corporate media, as well.  Katy Perry is a shit show.  She’s not a real musician.  Same with Lady Gaga, and Hannah Banana.  Did we REALLY need a “Fuller” House?  Which 7th rehash of Superman is the good one?  Corporate music, corporate movies, corporate magazines and books:  ALL GARBAGE.  Well, at least upwards of 90%.  Probably 99%.  Maybe 99.9%.

And it’s not just corporate media.

Corporate food?  All fake processed garbage.  Laden with carcinogenic pesticides, full of polluted fake water and fake sugar, and even fake salt.  We’ve known for decades.  Commit to cutting that shit out.  Live for you!  Live for YOUR body!  Not for corporate profits while they give you fucking cancer and diabetes.

And it’s not just the FOOD, either.

Corporate STORES are fake.  They sell all slave-made chinese garbage that will break in a week, and work and look like shit the entire time you own it.

Corporate MONEY is fake.  Since the institution of the privately managed corporate “Federal” Reserve, the dollar has lost 96% of it’s purchasing power.

Corporate CARS are fake.  Their made of plastic and built to break down within a certain amount of miles traveled.

Corporate CLOTHES are fake.  Made out of plastic, made by slaves, cookie cutter copies of a million regurgitated bullshit ideas from some other era.  Meant to fall apart and be replaced at LEAST every season.

Corporate MEDICINE is fake.  They’ll have you believing you should shoot up your baby with fluoride and aluminum and FUCKING MERCURY.  They’ll have you believing a pill for this, a pill for that, 3 pills for this, and 10 pills for another will cure you, when you really just need some fresh organic veggies and fruit, and maybe some FUCKING exercise.

Corporate REALITY is fake.  Our value is not our clothing, our car, our perfectly manicured lawn and family.  Our value is our ability to contribute to the human story on any level.  To be a part of history.

So I ask you, my fellow Americans.  GIVE UP ALL THE FAKE CORPORATE SHIT!  Grow some food.  Ride a bike.  Play some chess.  Build a cabin.  Fix a classic car.  DIY your clothes, your computer, your furniture.  Buy a 3d printer.  Start a local fresh organic bakery.  Fuck these corporations.  They are making you fat.  They are making you lazy.  They are making you sad.  Ultimately, they are probably even murdering you piece by piece, hour by hour for the entire duration of your miserable short corporate lives.

BREAK FREE.  STOP GIVING ASSHOLES YOUR MONEY.  STOP GOING TO WAL MART.  DO WHATEVER IT TAKES.  Change your diet.  Change your location.  Change jobs.  Change partners.  Get the fuck out whatever it takes and say, “NO!  I will NOT be a part of the demise of all living things on this planet for plastic profit and GMO sponsored pedophile run movies and government!  I WILL NOT FUND THIS MACHINE!